Foreign (Writing Prompt)

Fear. I never feel it. It’s foreign to me. But I feel it right now. I can tell she feels it too. Tears stream down her face. “Help me, please” she begs.

She’s strapped to a bomb under her chair. One false move and BOOM! We both die. I couldn’t let that happen. Not just because I didn’t want to die but because I, Jacob Reich, love her.

I shove the fear down and slowly move towards her. “Shhhh…..It’s gonna be okay. I promise.” I reach the chair and look at the bomb. It’s complicated. To complicated. I call my tech expert, Ben Inigo. “What’s up?” he asks causally not knowing the situation.

“Complicated bomb, Jenna’s strapped to it, and it goes off in exactly 2 minutes.” I tell him in a rush. “Oh, crap! Why’d you call me?! You know I don’t work well under pressure!” he shouts.

“You can do it.” I state calmly. I describe the bomb. “Oh, it’s not that complicated. Cut the red wire.” he sighs in relief. I do as he says, and the bomb shuts down. I cut Jenna free and we hug. The day had been saved.


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